Modbus Communication


Do we have any hardware which converts Data From SNAP-PAC-S Series controller or SNAP-PAC- R series controller to Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP-IP.

What I know is we can do this with Modbus Integratio Kit through software.

Is it any way to do the same with any hardware?

Milind Raval

Hello Milind Raval,

I’m not sure I understand your question here–are you asking if Opto 22 has a hardware equivalent of what the Modbus Integration Kit does? The answer to that is: No. However, just to be clear, remember that both the SNAP-PAC-S and -R series controllers have built-in Modbus TCP/IP support as a slave. So if you have a master elsewhere, the -S or -R can be the slave device with no extra hardware/software required.

What the Modbus kit allows you to do is turn an -S or -R (or even SoftPAC) into a Modbus MASTER so it can then control non-Opto 22 Modbus slave devices.

Here’s a nice overview (click here) of Modbus (and other protocol) integration options that are either build-in or available through a kit.

I hope that helps!