MMP address change doesnt reflect on pac control

Why changes made through mmp address doesn’t change change pac control. Ex. I changed the channel type for rio through mmp address but it doesnt make any change in pac control io configuration. Is there a way where mmp change can reflect on pac control?

No, that is not possible. PAC control IO configuration is one way only.

Also remember (because you no doubt know this already) that when you run the strategy any changes you make to the channel type will be over written by the strategy.

The ‘rule’ is “PAC Control strategy always wins”.
Any changes you make in groov Manage, same applies, when you run the strategy, if it touches the same parts as you did in groov Manage, they will be overwritten.

If I use mmp address to change the channel type then I have to use generic mmp as io unit? Then use only read and write mmp command to execute all the operation from pac control.