Mistic protocol reaction event question

I am having difficulty understanding Mistic event configuration, specifically on a B3000.

I have a pair of B3000s, one at base address 0, and one at base address 4. I send a ‘SET EVENT ON MOMO MATCH’ to the B3000 having the input modules on address 4. I want to use the ‘SET EVENT REACTION COMMAND’ to trigger a “START ON PULSE” reaction on an output on address 0 when an input changes on address 4.

Since the event commands want an address, and the event tables are per-address, it seems like I likely have to reconfigure my I/O module slots so that the event trigger and event reactions are on the same address.

Just kind of asking for some confirmation on this as tomorrow I will likely reconfigure my modules and test again.

I relocated modules to put inputs and outputs on the same address. I and now have two event table entries working.

Essentially I start a continuous square wave on an output, monitor it on an input, use momo match on two table entries, one to watch for high and one to watch for low. I use that momo events to trigger a ‘start on pulse’ reaction on two outputs so that one output follows the square wave, and one output follows the complement of the square wave. Works perfect.

Also later enabled the interrupts and scoped the IRQ pin on the B3000. It works as expected. Not much use on the PC unless I can find a special USB serial port with perhaps an additional HID interface to monitor the IRQ pin, but definitely intriguing.

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After getting things working and moving on to the next task, I found the answer in:

Form 787-080304

“Event/reactions and PID Loops can only operate on points in the
same address group. They behave just like standard I/O in this sense, and
cannot cross address boundaries. For example, a PID loop cannot use an
input on Address Base + 2, to control an output on Base + 3.”