Missing something with Groov video gadget

I have a Reolink camera working in the video Gadget no issue in a PC, If I connect using browser from a tablet (all local) either with Chrome browser or Groov view app the snapshot of the camera capture will not show up, only a broken link. The tablet is full HD and even set to show desk version it will not show the snapshots, all other groov functions and indications work. (Using EPIC PR-1, latest firmware)
Tablet is Android 10 with latest Chrome. In PC works great using Crome or Firefox. Groov is not using any certificate so it is not https, could be that?

I’m not sure what you mean by that: groov View always uses https.

Is your camera serving images over https? If not, that’s probably the problem. In recent years web browsers have moved ever more aggressively to blocking http content when embedded in a website served over https. It’s not something we can override, and lately the browser vendors don’t even let their users override it.

You might be able to work around it by enabling the proxy option on those gadgets in Build mode. That tells groov View to issue the request from the EPIC, instead of from your web browser, getting past the https restrictions.

I mean I do not have any certificate installed, yet this work flawless in my desktop or any pc in the network but not in tablets using Chrome browser or tablet using OPTO 22 groov view app.