Minimum Files for PAC Display Runtime-only

Greetings OptoFans & PAC Display gurus,

For those of you supporting your customers who need PAC Display Runtime (but do NOT need to be changing the project or strategy w/PAC Display Config or PAC Control), I’m looking for “best practice” suggestions and tips.

We have this RuntimeX.exe option for cases “look don’t touch” (monitor-only, no access to writing). And we have also have the SSD (secure strategy distribution) option, mostly for OEMs who don’t want competitors cloning PACs. But that’s not what I mean here.

To run PAC Display with minimum files, I believe you no longer need to include the .idb file (pre-9.5 might be different) or any of the strategy files; only the PAC Display project files (but perhaps not all?) and the Runtime executable.

Anyone out there doing something like this already who wouldn’t mind sharing how you do it plus any potential gotchas?


When we update the PAC Display for a client we just copy the “Display” folder and overwrite the existing folder on their computer. The only protection is to password protect the Display project from being opened/modified. I wish PAC Display would “build” the project so you don’t have all the *.W001 … *.W002 files in the folder (which are the screens and can be edited individually if you were mischievous enough… unless that was fixed). Also, I know for a fact that in PAC Project R9.6003-86, you need the .idb file if you are using recipes (I never understood why and I hate leaving that .idb file on the client’s computer). I posted some time back about this issue here …