Milling machine Deckel fp 50cc

Greetings, I’m Rainer from Venezuela, i work in metallurgical industry we want to buy a milling machine deckel FP 50cc second hand and it does not have the control board, so i wonder if i can control it with an OPTO 22. Thanks.

Hi Rainer,

Short answer. It depends.

Long answer;
Opto is pretty flexible, so it can control and be adapted to lots of different machines and processes.
That said, in this case, I think you need to take a step back and look at the overall process.

Most CNC machines primary input is a CAD file. (Or STEP file, or G-Code or something along those lines).
From there, you need more software to set the tool and speed for each part of the CAD file.
From that point, the software then directs the machine, this is where the Opto can come in, but it all depends on the output of the machine processor that is decoding the G-Code and if it outputting say TTL signals, or if its sending a serial or Ethernet commands.
There is a big difference between those three signals and the amount of work that each requires.

If it were me, I would be getting a lot more information about the machine, both this one and fully working ones and understanding just what controllers are required in what locations before proceeding.