Migrated from Factory Floor to PAC Professional/ LCM4 to S1 Controller

I switch 3 LCM4’s out to S1 controllers and went from Factory Floor to PAC on three separate projects and I have one project out of the three not playing some of the sound when the trigger has occurred. I can go to the project directory and play the sound from the project directory file on my computer but it will not play with the trigger. I have check the trigger by replacing it with a sound file that play’s and it worked fine, just not the right sound. I have even unchecked the project directory box and went to the folder and double click the sound to direct it manually, that did not work. My process works fine just some of the sounds are not responding to the triggers. Any suggestions would be great. I guess I could rerecord all the sounds that don’t play but that would be to easy. I would like to figure it out for my own knowledge and for the next migrator with this problem.

Hi allied,

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I take it you are using PAC Display and are trying to play a sound when a trigger variable is activated?

Perhaps navigate to the sound file in Explorer and then right click on them and check out the Properties tab and see if that sheds any light.

Also, drop an email to our product support group, support@opto22.com, they have a lot of experience at this sort of thing.



Thanks for the fast response. I got to work this morning and started looking through the programs and yes I am using PAC display. I found when I check the simultaneously play sounds in the display Runtime it starts up with a lot of noise but it plays the sounds when they are triggered. So for example when the P1b pump turns on now the P1bon.wav plays and nothing else where before nothing would play. Any thoughts on where to look next to fix it? I can’t leave it in simultaneous play I need the one at a time play?



OK everyone, sorry for not finishing the thread/post but we (OPTO and myself) determined that some of the drivers in the old sounds files are not compatible with windows 7 pro. FIX…? I had to re-record all 200+ sound bits. It only took a few hours to record and update the programs. Now, every sound works as it should. Hope this helps and good luck.