microSD card formatting

Can I format the microSD card through PAC Manager? I have some corrupted files that I cannot delete through ftp browser and need to re-format remotely.


I don’t see an option to format the microSD card in PAC Manager, and the [I]PAC Manager User’s Guide[/I] refers questions about formatting the microSD card to the controller’s user’s guide, and sure enough, both PAC R-series and PAC S-series user’s guides describe card formatting in the section “Using the microSD Card Slot”. Do note the important information at the very start of the section about using updated controller firmware if you plan to use the microSD card.


Hi drewby,

If you’re wondering why the SNAP-PACs do NOT have the ability to format your microSD card there remotely for you, it’s because the SD Card association does not recommend using OS utilities to format microSD cards. Instead use the one they provide, see this link: https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/

The question I want to ask you is, why do you need to format that card? Do you know how those files got corrupted? Have you tried other ftp tools (like even the DOS command-line ftp option) that might let you delete the files you don’t want? I like FileZilla too. Just curious.


Here’s another thread w/more info related to microSD cards, FYI: