Merging PAC display projects

Hi all
Has anyone had to merge 2 PAC display projects together without importing and exporting the graphic windows? Is this possible?

I have a situation where the main runtime project that’s running on site is pretty large (1400+ windows) and I have just generated an extra 180+ windows. Unfortunately I have too many super trends that crashs PAC runtime (logged with support). For me to finish the job I need to produce a functional runtime. I can create a separate PAC display project that can run on a server elsewhere however at some stage this project needs to be integrated into the main runtime project. With 200+ windows I want to avoid spending lots of time exporting and importing all of the graphic windows and reconfiguring all of the window links.

Has anyone got any alternative ideas about merging 2 projects? Maybe this could be a feature request? A ‘import project’ button within PAC display