Memory problem, how to clean it


I am facing a problem and I am not sure where the source comes from.
I use a Groov Epic PR2, and I have a simple program running in it. But sometimes there is a problem that appears: the program inside the PR2 changes to an older version, so the Groov Epic no longer works as it should.
I don’t know how it’s possible. Does the Groov Epic keep the old versions in memory when you download a new version? Is there a way to clean its memory ?
I think that a power supply problem can bug the Opto and produce memory problems, like flickering problem, but I don’t really have a way to check it.
So the thing I want to know is if it is possible to clean the memory without doing a total reset ?


Welcome to the forums Alexandre.

First up, no, the memory does not need to be cleaned.
Old versions can be stored, but its up to you to set them up… so that leads into what might be happening here…

If you have two computers (or say a laptop and a PC, or two laptops etc) and each has PAC Control setup differently, you might see what you are seeing.
Let me do a screenshot of the settings that would result in your description…

First up, click on File, then Strategy Options…

Once there, go to the second tab, the Download tab…

The first check box is the really important one.
When you download the strategy it is loaded into RAM. If you cycle power to the controller, the RAM (volatile memory) will be cleared and there will be no strategy at all in the controller when you turn it back on.
But. If you check that first box, then the strategy will be saved to flash, or permanent memory when you do a download.
Then when the controller is power cycled, the strategy (program) will be loaded out of flash and into RAM and if the second check box is checked, the program will auto run once its loaded into RAM memory.

If you have two computers and thus two different copies of PAC Control and one has the download option checked and the other does not, then you will have two copies of the strategy in the controller, one in RAM and one in flash. After the power is cycled, you will run the old flash version, not the one you expect that was only in RAM.

Please double check that ALL your versions of PAC Control have the ‘save strategy to permanent storage after download’ option checked.

Sounds a bit like dirty power. You should look into getting a UPS and run the computer off clean power.


Okay thank you very much it’s very clear, I didn’t know about these 2 boxes and I think this will solve my problem.
I only use one computer.
I think that sometimes the power of the Opto is cut off, and that an old program must be saved in the flash memory as you explained, which involves strategy change from time to time. These 2 boxes must solve my problem.
Will see if it happen again!


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