Maximum screen resulution supported by PAC Display?

This may well be answered in the documentation somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet.

We are considering getting a PC with a video card that will support a 4K TV as the display, and using that for a PAC Display HMI system’s main screen. With that resolution, and with a large display, we can not only see the indicators and graphs from a reasonable distance, but then also see good detail within the various graphs when we approach the screen.

But what I don’t know is if there is an upper limit to the resolution supported by PAC Display.

A 4K display has a native resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 pixels. This is also referred to as UHD or 2160p. Naturally, we don’t want to get a PC/Video card and display until we know for sure that PAC Display will fully support this high resolution.


My laptop is 3200x1800 (QHD+ on a 13" screen!) and I can create a window in PAC Display with that size. It’s not too much further to get to 2160p, so I suspect it will work fine.

Just be aware that you are going to have to design your HMI on a screen with that resolution or larger since PAC Display doesn’t support scrolling :cry:. You could also try finding a virtual desktop utility where you set the virtual size larger than your screen size for development. Another idea would to use multiple smaller PAC Display windows and have them open next to each other. That way you can build the windows on a normal size screen and then arrange them on the big screen so you can see them all.

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Or just go groov where your pages/windows are not fixed at X pixels by Y pixels, so when the Even Bigger TV or smaller smart device comes out (next week?) your pages will work fine on that SuperJumboTron or SmartBoloTie/PinkyRing or whatever, too!

(Thanks to SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics are awesome.)

FYI - many Opto Folks use both PAC Display and groov to leverage the best of both.

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Thanks, Philip and Mary.

We’d do the design of the HMI on the very PC in question, because that will end up being the PC we’ll use for future programming of the system as well as being the HMI most of the time, at least to start off. So that will make it easy to get things looking right.

Going with Groov would be nice because we could use some of the other features, and would welcome that, as well. But being the cheapskates that we are, we’ll probably hold off on groov for the near future.

So I think we’ll see what we can put together for a reasonably big 4K TV and a PC set up to drive it, and then go from there. It’ll be handy to have a lot of “real estate” to work with. Hopefully we can make good use of it!