Max number of trends in a project?

Is there a maximum number of trends in a project? I keep trying to add one and the trend gadget just crashes/never loads in ‘View’. I have tried interactive and classic.

The values to the left are the same values used in the trend.

What scan time are you using?
If for example, you have a scan time of 1 hour, then nothing will show up for the first hour…

Scan rate of 1 Sec over an 1 Hr.

Interactive trends just shows ‘Loading…’

There’s a known bug where if you go over around 1.8GB worth of stored trend data then newer trends will stop working. Check your logs for something like this:

2017-05-16T08:20:44+10:00 An IOException occurred while trying to retrieve a buffer for {:tagId 32, :index 0, :retain 1051200, :update 60, :interactive true}  ERROR  - com.opto22.groov.server.datalogging.BackgroundScanningService
2017-05-16T08:20:44+10:00 Map failed  ERROR  - com.opto22.groov.server.datalogging.BackgroundScanningService

It’s resolved in the next release of groov, due out pretty soon.

We don’t yet have good tools for determining how much space you’re using though. :-/

Yeah, there are a bunch of those errors. So build the trends and wait for the update?

Are there any plans to allow use of a USB thumb drive for trend data storage? That would be nice. 128GB+ is a bunch of space for trend data storage…

This would be a nice feature, but I would use an SSD or spinning rust drive as USB thumb drive reliability is horrible these days for applications that write a lot.

Well, whatever you can plug into the USB… :wink:

Whatever you can plug in huh? I think this is currently supported:

Give your groov more groove!


That could be interesting.

Really soon, I hope. I am starting to lose trends that worked previously…

This cracked me up. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile: