Mathematics and Matrix calculation


For a new project I will need to make matrix calculations in order to simulate the state of an underwater vehicle, I would like to make them inside the controller, do anybody has experience with that? Is there a library with the basic operations available?



Hi Pierre,

I don’t know of any “library” for matrix calculations in PAC Control. However, I do find some javascript examples on the web that might map pretty directly to OptoScript. Here’s one example:

I’m guessing you don’t actually need a whole library, but perhaps just a handful of matrix functions? What size matrix? What type of calculations are you doing? (X, Y, Z location, perhaps?)

Just curious,

Hi Mary,

yes I will need to compute rotation matrices (4x4 matrix multiplication and addition) for an underwater vehicle, I was wondering if you had an example chart. I will give a look at your link.



Just stumbled across this TEDEducation video on matrices;