Math order of operations?

Does Optoscript recognize order of operations or does it simply calculate what it gets in the order it gets it? For example this equation:
HI = -42.379 + 2.04901523*T + 10.14333127*RH - .22475541*T*RH - .00683783*T*T - .05481717*RH*RH + .00122874*T*T*RH + .00085282*T*RH*RH - .00000199*T*T*RH*RH

Will it run straight through or will it do the multiplication first?

It will perform the multiplication first. ~Page 398 of doc 1700:


Thanks. I wish this stuff was in the PAC Control Help… At least a pointer to the correct document…

It’s there:


I guess I didn’t search for the right thing… Thanks!