Mass edit of recipe files

Is there a way to mass edit the path of recipe files? Or for that matter mass edit anything in OPTO 22? I recently was “volunteered” to inherit an OPTO 22 from a retiring colleague. I performed an upgrade from OPTO 10.4a to OPTO10.4c. I need to edit the path to my recipe files but I can’t find a way to select them in mass to change the path. Also if I copy the correct relative path (i.e. …\recipes) and paste it I can’t change it to relative without it erroring out. If I enter the correct absolute path and then click the use relative path checkmark the relative path defaults back to the previous incorrect path. So I’m having to paste the correct path then hit OK. Then reopen the same recipe file and check the relative box. Is there a less tedious way to do this? Why can’t i select all my recipe files and change the path? Or why can’t i just delete all the current ones and add back the correct one in bulk? Are there CLI options to do this?

FYI This is my first post to OPTO. I recently was “volunteered” to take over our site OPTO system in addition to managing our plant DCS system. Primarily my experience is with Siemens PCS7 so OPTO is pretty new to me.


Hi Cory. Welcome to the forums and to Opto it seems.

I’m not sure if you have seen the description on page 254 of the PAC Display Users Guide.


The path is relative to the project and only includes the directory, not the whole path.

In regards to your CLI and ‘bulk edit’ questions, PAC Control 10.5 added many ‘bulk edit’ features.
Here are some.

Page 66 of the PAC Control users guide talks about the CLI, the Command Line Interface.


Beyond that, you can now also export and import variables from a CSV.
You will find this feature talked about on page 251.


You can find all the manuals under the help menu of each program, in the start menu of Windows or of course you can find them on our website as linked above.

I know what the relative path means what I’m saying is when I want to change it it won’t accept my edits until I hit OK.

So for example I open a recipe file and the path is C:<old_project dir>\recipes<recipe>.

I just want to make it relative by pasting in the new C:<new project dir>\recipes<recipe>. Then I check on make path relative, the path changes to the old path. …<old project dir>\recipes instead of just …\recipes. I have to paste the new path in then hit ok. Then I have to reopen the configuration then click the make relative box and then it works.

Also why is the browser window different for the recipes configuration than it is for the sounds configuration? I can’t just type a path when I click the browse option like i can on other configuration windows.