Manual installation of Nodes


I understand if you running Node-Red locally, you can perform a manual installation of nodes. Is this something like that can be done on the Epic Controller? Like by uploading files directly or something ? I noticed that node red on the controller can take a tgz extension files (as far as I know they are compressed using Linux) but they are not easy to create from nodes compressed in zip format.

The reason I am asking this because just like other posts here I am unable to download nodes directly due to connectivity issues. The controller itself can’t access the internet, it only connected to the internal/ control network. It might not be feasible due to policy to allow the controller access.

I’m sure @torchard will be along soon to help answer this, but in the meantime, do you have another EPIC back at the office or such? If so, you can install any nodes you need on that one, then back up Node-RED via groov Manage, then do a restore of that file on the isolated one via USB stick or what ever.
The nodes (and flows) will be transferred over.
Note: if you do this, it has to be EPIC to EPIC or RIO to RIO. You can’t cross platforms.

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If you have shell access you can use npm to install packages on an online system, make a .tgz, transfer that file and install it directly. But similar to @Beno’s solution you’ll still need an internet connection on the other groov in order to get the files.

Doing installs, then Node-RED backup and restore on the offline system via groov Manage is much easier and doesn’t rely on installing a shell license. If possible, I’d recommend you try that first.

Awesome, thank you both. I do have another controller that I can give it access to download any nodes and then back up Node-Red. This is really helpful.