Managing an inherited code base

I’ve inherited an old code base comprising of various Opto Projects for a number of clients and I’m trying to develop a sensible strategy to sort out what should be kept, merged and dropped. It seems that the Opto code is not directly comparable as all the files are either binary, partial text or database files. One can however print the content of these files into text documents or save the strategies as bitmaps which you can visually compare. So I’m presently using File>View/Print>All Charts/Bill of Materials/Database/Cross Reference/etc. to dump the output and compare these to one another. I was curious to know if there is any way to automate this ? i.e. search for *.idb files and call PAC project/Factory Floor to print these out.

Hi Carel,

Check out this tech tip (and the associated links) that talk about inheriting code.

Also, others have found the tool AutoHotKey helpful. Here’s a [URL=“”]link to one discussion on that.

Hope that helps!

The AutoHotKey is a win, thanks.