Manage Ignition License for firmware update

I have an epic with an ignition edge project where there is no internet connection. What is the procedure for keeping my license through an epic firmware update?
I am leery about using the ‘Unactivate’ button on the licensing screen since there’s no internet.

Opto does not do any of the online/offline activation, that’s all inside the Ignition application.
Best bet would be to ask on their forums.

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Below is a good response from the Inductive Automation tech support people, with a link to a video.

I would like to note that I didn’t actually follow the process described because they reset my license so that I could use it again. So there was no need for me to do an unactivation.

The offline unactivation process for an Edge Device/Gateway is the same process for a standard Ignition Gateway. I have outlined this process below:

  1. Before updating, navigate to the licensing page: Edge Gateway > Config > System > Licensing
  2. Unactivate the applied license from the Edge Gateway by selecting the Trash icon
  • If the device is offline, an unactivation_message.txt file should generate
  1. You will need to take this unactivation file to a device with internet access in order to upload it to our website
  • Upload the file in the “Unactivate Ignition” section
  1. After uploading, our servers will be notified that the license has been unactivated, thus allowing the license to be activated on the newly updated device

I found an Inductive University video that outlines this process visually: Unactivating a License - Licensing and Activating Ignition


Thanks for reporting back.
Odd they don’t cut paste that into their webpage or application…