M-NET and BACnet/IP

Has any one had any dealings with the M-NET communications interface? Is there any documents out there regarding this communications protocol? Would it be possible to interface to this network?
Also has anyone done anything with BACnet/IP and Opto22? I know there is a BACnet MS/TP integration kit, but I am wondering if this integration kit could be ‘ported’ to be used with an ethernet connection or if its a totally different thing.
Would Opto22 consider offering this as an integration kit?

I have not worked with M-NET. I’m not sure where to find documentation on it.
I have several customers using MS/TP to BACnet/IP routers.
I use a Contemporary Controls BASRT-B router.
This will be the solution to use our integration kit on a BACnet/IP network

thanks for the reply. What Opto22 hardware are you using for this? i know the integration kit guide specifies an S2 but have you used with an S1 at all? And if you have used with an S2, have you used with multiple ports? I have a few projects coming up that require a BACnet interface (one 5 story building with a proposed BACnet network for some mitsubishi VRF’s on 3 of the levels) and was wondering if it could be used with an S1 (one per bacnet bus) or an S2 with all BACnet comms run to a single point.
I will look into the BASRT router.

Hi All,
As it mentions on this page for the BACnet Protocol Integration Kit, a SNAP-PAC-S1 will work too.

Could anyone clarify what is M-NET and where there is any general information on it? The only things I can find are

M-NET, “Where the magic lives” a South African Cable TV Channel
M-NET, an Asian pop channel in the US
M-Net, the world’s longest running public access UNIX system
M-Net, Australia’s leading full service mobile solutions company based in Sydney (Ben??)
M-Net, University of Michigan Health System 's Referring Physician Fax Network with over 15000 participating physicians and fax machines

Something tells me we are not talking about any of these.

For general interest, in Spain we have put a lot of time and investment into cracking

[B]M-Bus (Meter-Bus)[/B]
a “European” (aka German) closed standard used for remote reading energy meters in building and heat installations, especially gas and electric, oftern referred to as Smart Metering. Its main advantage is that it runs over two wire cabling (power+comms), making it interesting for building management applications.

Its what I would technically descibe as a [B]BGFG[/B] standard, (By Germans For Germans) which is an exclusive club of metering suppliers (mainly German) who all get on extremely well together and share a mutually common interest in not publishing any protocol information that would allow third party implementation of master devices. Invented by 3 german university students and their professor, the M-Bus standard was picked up by Siemens et-al, and today is supported by a surprising number of European slave device metering instruments. As usual the smart money is in the interface hardware. All [I]Technische Dokumentation[/I] is of course written in German and cleverly fails to explain the message and structure structure. The only recommended integration method is to buy an OPC server for the Microsoft PC platform and .dll libraries from each instrument manufacturer. Hell Yeah!

You can find a general Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meter-Bus. There is not much other useful information available on the Internet. Maybe its because the Internet was not invented in Germany!

Thanks to some anonymous insider help, we have implemented the M-Bus master protocol in PAC controllers, which allows the passing of data query commands for many metering and measurement devices that are connected to the M-Bus “network-bus”. We have sucessfully implemented this in dozens of instalations for remote meter reading. At Optomation Systems, we can advise on the proprietory bus concentrator interface and provide helpful advice oriented to Opto22 PAC controller integration. Without this help it is virtually impossible to integrate M-Bus instalations and metering devices into Opto PAC controllers!!!

Hey BACnet fans, have any of you used the 16 levels of priority (with 8 required properties)?

I’ve written at different priority levels using the BACnet strategy before - I didn’t use all 16, just 10 and 7.

Philip, can you call me? 954 850 7791 I have a customer going through some real struggles with the MS/TP kit. Thought you might be able to help.