Lots of I/O Units? Wanna en/disable them all at once?

For those of you with PAC Control version 9.5 or newer, and lots of I/O Units that you might want to disable (perhaps for running the strategy on a non-live system), this tip is for you…

If you hold down the Shift key while you double-click on the “I/O Units” folder, the window that pops up next will have this handy button un-hidden for you:

Much easier than disabling (or re-enabling) every I/O unit individually.

Handy, yes? (I’m lobbying to get this button un-hidden. Do chime in if you agree!)


Unhidden by default would be good. My brain can’t remember all these shortcuts anymore and this isn’t something I do on a regular basis so I won’t remember what to do. Should there be an enable as well?

(BTW, thank you to whoever put the regenerate reference counts in the menu.)

It’s a toggle. So when you click “Disable All I/O Units” the button changes to “Enable All I/O Units” opto-magically!

@philip: on your “can’t remember all these…” that’s why I’m sharing this, because I couldn’t remember what it was either! And saw no reason for this handy feature to be hidden. So thanks for backing me up on that!