Lost connection

My groov box keeps losing the connection to my pac controller. It does not automatically reconnect. I have to reboot the groov to get my tags working again. Is there a problem with my unit or is this a known issue?

Groov and controller are on same network/domain/subnet. Both have secondary redundant IP address on a secondary subnet that correlate with eachother.

That’s odd behavior.
Can you please email support@opto22.com and get them to take a look at things (I would start with the groov logs).

I have a few racks of Opto at my house and a groov, it has every reason to be cranky as I beat on my home network something bad, but it has been rock solid for years (can you believe that groov had its second birthday last month!?).

groov logs? Where do I get these?
N/M found them. I thought they would be under the admin console.

As you know, you click on ‘Help’ in Build mode…

But, did you get the connection issue sorted?

Not yet. Waiting for it to happen again to get some real-time troubleshooting data.

I am having this same problem with my groov box. Does anyone have a fix?

It hasn’t happened again. It only seems to happen when we have extended idle times (no activity) ie. during our off-season.