Lost connection to an R1 through Ignition with the Cirrus module

Hey guys, I’m running 3.4.4 of the Cirrus Opto 22 SNAP PAC driver with Ignition 7.9.8, and a couple of weeks ago it just shows not connected, and it won’t reconnect. I’ve restarted the module, reinstalled the module, restarted the gateway, and restarted the controller, and had Ignition try to connect to a new Opto 22 controller, both PAC R1, and another EPIC PR1, they are not connecting. We have not updated the Cirrus module or the Ignition gateway within the last year, so not sure why it would have stopped. I can ping the controller from the Ignition server PC, and I can see the controller in Opto 22’s software, PAC DIsplay and PAC Control and PAC Manager. Firmware is 9.5G.
Has anybody experienced this spontaneous disconnect? I had it happen on another Ignition server, but I restarted everything and it appeared to reconnect, but I’m out of ideas here.

Sorry for stating the obvious to start with… But… The only time I have seen this is when there are no public tags in the strategy.
You have to have at least 1 public tag for the controller to show connected.

If you are using 9.x of PAC Control and using the stPublicListOfStrategyTags for the Cirrus driver, everything must be perfect, if there is a tag in the list that was renamed or removed then the Cirrus driver just won’t work and there are no helpful error messages in the Ignition logs either.

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