Looking for a relay for a strobe light/lightning

What I’m trying to do is essentially make a strobe light. I have a lighting machine what uses 110 for the output for the lights to create lightning. I also have a 100w led that runs on dc 34v. I’m trying to find a relay that will be fast and play nice with everything.

The LED should be ok with a strobe in the power supply… the lighting machine may not like it as much, depending on the type of lamp it uses. What kind of duty cycle / pulse period are you shooting for?

I truely do not know the pulse period, guessing short and brief . I will be attaching this to a lighting machine but they will not tell me the specs on what the output it. I could put the relay in the power supply but when I cycle the power that way the led takes a second or 2 to power up fully. If I put a really after the power supply the led is on fully in less then 1 second. Im just looking for a direction to head in as far as a part number. I’m been toying with some AB 700-cf400 but they are a little slow

Take a look at ABB.

look for a DC-DC Solid State Relay. Should be capable of switching fast and handle the current.
Looks like this one right here on this here web site might do the trick for you.