Look, Ma, no I/O! Fun things you can do with PAC + IP

Hi [I]groov [/I]Fans,

I noticed a trend recently in requests I’ve gotten for code examples to use with a [I]groov[/I] Box: a couple of them have had little or no I/O! Of course, often folks needing actual wires and connections to the real world go to Ben instead of me (hopefully that’s due to his extensive real-world experience rather than those rumors about my causing fires).

What types of no-I/O things are they doing, you ask?

There was this ftp example which took advantage of a sensor in a camera and the FTP capabilities of our PAC. Then we had yet [URL=“http://www.opto22.com/community/showthread.php?t=511”]another application to scrape a web page, so a customer could view some data Anytime, Anywhere, etc. (one their Smart phones & HDTV in the lobby).

Of course our I/O is super smart and we can do so many amazing things (PID, TPO, totalizing and more) right there on the rack. However, as more and more devices have IP capabilities (at inexpensive prices), I’m [I]extra [/I]excited about how our PACs “play well with others.” I’m so proud of those amazing PACs!

I even helped a guy the other day who’d bought a relatively inexpensive thermostat at the local hardware store with a web interface which he scraped (with just a few tweaks to one of my examples) so he could monitor and control it with his PAC. It’s all part of our not-so-evil plot to control (and monitor) the world….

Just thought I’d share in case it gives you some ideas about other fun applications you can do with groov. Stay tuned for more, and do share if you’ve got other fun examples!