LonWorks and Opto

Hi All

I have a question regarding LonWorks and Opto 22. Has any one done any work involving integrating a LonWork system to a PAC controller? I have a particular system where there is a series of LonWorks PLC’s on a network that communicate with the main PC. The PC database (i think its running Schneider TAC) is corrupt and the client is not happy with the current front-end, plus it is going cost a fortune to fix.

I have been asked if a solution is feasible based on an Opto 22 PAC system. Being LonWorks, i am thinking the best approach would be to purchase a Lon->Modbus gateway/router and use a PAC S as the interface between the HMI and I/O. I can then recommend a 2-5yr plan to slowly replace the Lon I/O with Opto 22 I/O and eventually run a full Opto 22 system.

Has anyone else done any work with LonWorks devices?? any recommendations of how to implement Lon->Opto??


Attempting to revive Mr. Stephen’s post 6 years on.

I have become aware of using gateways to bring Lonworks network devices onto Modbus/TCP so that you can control them with a Snap-Pac controller.

One product that I am currently evaluating is by Chipkin

I am curious if anyone has made use of their gateway products for integrating with the Snap-Pac products via Modbus/TCP?


I have successfully used a chipkin gateway as a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateway. The current modbus integration kit will work well with it. It is worth the small support fee from chipkin for configuration depending on how complex the device you are working with is. EG: Float tables was a big thing for me. I personally didn’t have much success with the integration kit on that. I had no problems working with floats, just holding registers that ‘translated’ a float table.

Good luck