Long Epic Boot Time

First time using an EPIC and the boot time seems way too long to me. It’s in the field and a technician just timed it at 3 minutes from startup to login screen on the built-in screen.

We’re using a thin client as the HMI and I had to add an output that the strategy turns on to power the HMI when the EPIC was ready. The thin client boots much faster and can’t connect to the EPIC because it wasn’t ready. Now, though, the output comes on but the EPIC is still not ready so I have to add an additional delay.

Is this right? Does the EPIC really take this long to boot?


It takes a while, true. I have not timed it yet, but yes, we (Opto) are aware of the boot time and are working on making improvements.

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Are there any updates on this issue?

Are there some things we can do to reduce the Epic Groov boot up time?