Log Viewer Feature

Hi,I have a potential client who asks me about the user’s access records to the groov view. I have seen that they are registered in the Log Viewer section under the gear icon, and my question is as follows: How long is that info stored? Is a limited number of records in a FIFO queue? a little more detail about this log record functionality would be great. Thanks in advance.

It’s not fixed in stone, but it’s currently a FIFO log limited to 100,000 records. That’s all logging in the system though, so things like devices going offline can fill that up faster than we’d like sometimes.

We have a few customers using the log view in its own tab since it is live.
Also, don’t forget that the filter options at the bottom of the page work really well and can help cut out a lot of the chatter that you may not be interested in.

Thanks Jhonathan, thats the number that’s the number I was looking for.

Thanks Ben! Do you know any way to get that information out of the log viewer page?

Yes, an example was written up by our summer intern last year;

Thanks a lot Ben, That’s it!