Log in and out of Groov and Groov Updates

Where can I find a list of updates for groov? I want to see what has all changed/updated since my current revision.

I have a client that is using 3 groov boxes to monitor 3 sites. They are very pleased with what they are able to do with them. However, they just asked me if there was a way to show a list of who was all logged in at the same time. Sometimes when they get an alarm, multiple people log in at the same time and 1 person makes a change and another might change it back accidentally. Then they wonder what is going on. So, I thought I could write some code and have a main screen and assign a button to each operator where they could log in and out after the connect and before they disconnect. It would not be full proof because if someone disconnected without logging out it would be confusing. The other thing they asked if I could set it up where only the first operator had full control and the others would be just viewers. Does/Will groov have these capabilities?

Any help would be appreciated.

Breaking this down into sections;

Where is the readme for groov updates?
Do a search for groov
All the release notes for the different parts of groov (Admin on the AR1, APP for groov itself and Server for groov Server for Windows).

List of whos logged in?
Not yet. We have some operator logging code in place, but at the moment there is no groov View gadget to view this information cleanly…
Current ‘workaround’…
If you are in groov Build, you can click on Help -> View Logs. This will open a new tab, leave it open for the next bit.
Without changing any of the settings, at the bottom of that page, where you see ‘Contains String’ type the word logged
Click the Apply button.
Now you will see a list of all the users that have logged in and what time they did.
As for seeing what each operator did, subscribe to OptoNews and you will hear when we release this feature.

Users logging in and out.
This feature currently exists in groov, but it is up to each user to use it.
Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and you can see from the drop down menu the ability to log in and log out.
There is no ‘timer’ function as yet, so we can’t log out a user after x minutes or hours. It is up to the operator to log themselves out when they done making changes, or at the end of the shift for example.

Some users being view only.
This is up to you the groov admin to setup. You can assign different users to different groups and different groups to different pages.
There are two types of gadgets in groov, view only and control. In your case, you make a series of pages that have view only gadgets, you can have full visibility of the process, but there are no control gadgets on those pages, so they cant make any changes.
When that operator logs in, you chose what pages they will see.
As far as having a competition, first operator to log in gets control and the others don’t, no, groov does not have anything like that.

Lets know if you have any more questions, love hearing about how people are using groov and what features they need.

I am trying to get this login/out to work. I have a few questions though.
Where do I edit which page loads at initial start up? Or is it just the top page on the list? (Left Margin)

If it is the top page on the list, then will it load the first page that a particular operator has permissions to view?

Future question: Will Groov have the capabilities to make something visible/invisible?

Hi Drenton.

You’re correct, the default page that a user will see is the first one in the page list that they have permissions to view. Also, each page has a page number assigned to it, so you can link directly to any given page. Just navigate to it first and copy the URL.

Regarding making things visible/invisible: are you asking whether you can make a page with certain gadgets visible to a subset of users?

Ok thanks about the Initial page that a certain user views.

About the visible/invisible:
I want to be able to make a certain button (a page button, momentary button, even an indicator) appear or disappear according to a value set in the brain.
I’m creating a unique page for each operator this will consist of a slider (login/logout), their user name, a check box for On Site and then a list of indicators of the other operators to view who is logged in. So after they Login to the Groov app, it brings them to a unique page that they have to use the slider to login (so my processor knows who is logged in). Then after that value becomes a 1, I want the “Main Screen” button to be visible. Which will allow the user to select it and view the Main Screen.

It would be nice if you could set up a status word of who is logged in through Groov (maybe a 64 bit word with each bit representing a user). So all of this can be avoided in the future. But then again, I don’t know if others are having problems with this.


This is how close we got…

While it looks like it will do what you ask, it doesn’t.
Note the URL’s. What you are seeing is the check box is not a controller variable (as you asked), rather its an image gadget. Check the box and the screen changes to a whole new window with the button (and a now checked box image).
Click the button and then screen URL changes yet again to show the main screen (as we called it the test).

We will keep thinking about it… Love challenges like this…

Very interesting. I’ll give it a try here. I already set up a page (see attached .png) where the operator can “login”, but they truly don’t have to. They can just go to the main screen without logging in. I’m just glad I only have a total of 6 users for this project at the moment. The client has been impressed with what I have done so far. At least it is a start. I think they are all just excited to have this new system and everyone logs in at the same time right now whenever there is a fault. I’m assuming that will decrease over time.