Lockup on subroutine compile

While modifying the slave modbus subroutine to read multiple nodes i’ve run into a compile problem. Anytime I compile the edited slave modbus subroutine PAC Control locks up. I can compile the scripts with no errors but when I compile all in PAC Control it locks and I have to kill it with task manager. I’m running version 10.2 of PAC Basic. I’ve attached what I have so far, any ideas would be appreciated.

CPB Slave MB O22.zip (24.1 KB)

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Thanks for the information.
We can reproduce the issue here and a report has been submitted to the software engineers.

OK, whats happening is if there is an error in compiling the subroutine, a pop up error box is behind the other windows where it can not be seen or easily accessed.

The only possible workaround is as follows:
It may be possible to continue by using Alt-F4 to close the missing dialog.

If the subroutine compile errors are related to OptoScript code, then open each OptoScript block and press the Test Compile button.

A fix (new version of PAC Control) will be issued as soon as we can.

Thanks Beno, It’s also happening when I load old projects which I know have worked ok before, some of them without subroutines. It makes them unusable since you can’t download them or load them into an old version if they have been saved. I also found hitting the spacebar will get you out of it and put you back into config mode. I have backups of everything that I can load into earlier versions so I can still use them though.