Lock Down PAC Control Strategy for Download

I have need to “Lock Down” the strategy in PAC Control, so unauthorized users can’t make changes & download, but PAC Display still needs to be able to run on the same computer (not on a Network) and needs the .idb file, so I don’t think I can just delete the Strategy, right? This is an old machine, I think it’s Win 7. SNAP-PAC-R1 controller. All users currently login with one username/password, and it’s currently a Windows Admin account.

Anybody have their favorite way to do this?

Ideas we came up with:

  • Some kind of Windows security on Strategy folder?
  • Password protect PAC Control? (There are some 3rd party apps for this)
  • Delete all files except .idb file (required by PAC display)? (Or just delete .inf file, then you can’t open strategy)
  • Make folder and all files Read Only (prob won’t help though; they can still do Save As)
  • Any way to password protect just the “download” button?
  • Ask IT (but asking you guys first!)

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PACTERMSSD only works on SNAP controllers, but it was built to do exactly what you are looking for.

Thanks, @Beno – so unauthorized user could still open the Strategy in PAC Control, but they would have to have a password to complete the download? That could work for us.

And then when we NEED to make changes to the Strategy for an MOC, we unlock it somehow, do the whole download, and re-lock it when done?

However, the PAC Terminal SSD software costs $999, and deleting most of the strategy files from the computer is free… Hmm… :upside_down_face:

Im not in sales, but do talk to your local Opto22 sales guy…

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What worked very well for us is creating other PC user (not admin) and simply limiting the new user from using PAC Control, some places get picky and you have to ask IT to do this, in others instead we provide a computer under contract and we manage it, users without admin can’t install anything and open only what we allow, great for places with lots of people or curious mechanics.
The PACTERMSSD solution is the safest and the best suited @Beno . As you mention removing some charts from the strategy folder will practically disable PAC Control from opening it but creates problems, very cumbersome if you have field techs and handling backups.

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