Location of B3000 docs

Recognizing that the B3000 has been replaced with the B3000-B, it still seems that the docs for the B3000 should be available somewhere on the site as I presume they are still in use. Is there a site link for these docs, as it seems I only get taken to a compatibility brochure. I’m interested particularly in the users manual for the B3000 as the configuration settings, ie: jumpers and address rotary switches are not the same on the B3000 and B3000-B models.

I hit the Opto website, and searched for B3000.
This is the top (first) result; http://www.opto22.com/site/pr_details.aspx?cid=4&item=B3000

Under the Documents tab, it seems to have the doc you are looking for;

Lets know if you have any other questions.

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There probably is enough info there to set up jumpers, etc. However I am looking for something more like the B3000-B Serial Brain User’s Guide for the B3000. There are a number of B3000s on the surplus market, and while not ideal for new design, the fact that the B3000 supports both Optomux and Mistic and is cheaper to boot makes it a good starting point for learning the serial communications protocols.