Local time is not retained after power cycle

We set our EPIC to have the time according to our local time zone (EST) (done in Groov Manage). A few times this week, we had to cycle power to the EPIC. I noticed the time was GMT after powering back up, and therefore our trend graphs in Groov View were off by 4 hours. I had to go into Groov Manage and adjust the time, click Set Time, and then all was fine…until the next time we have to do a power cycle. Is this preventable? Can the local time zone be saved / stored in the EPIC to survive a power cycle? If yes, how?

It should survive just fine: it’s working on units here at the office. What version of the firmware are you running? And just as a sanity check: does the time you’re seeing in groov View match what you see in groov Manage?

Firmware is 1.4.2-b110

Yes, the time in groov Manage ( matches what I see on the Trend graph in groov View.

This may be a silly question, but since I have a PAC strategy and groov View starting after signing into the EPIC, is there a setting in my PAC strategy where I inadvertently specify GMT as the time zone, which then gets pushed to the EPIC?

Since we are running this machine 24 x 7, I do not have an opportunity right now to recreate it (turn off the EPIC), but might be able to in the coming days.

I don’t think so, but I’m not as knowledgable around PAC strategies as I arguably should be. I’ve had a few people around the office try restarting to check for time zone changes without any luck. You’ll probably want to get ahold of Product Support next.

The only way to modify the timezone in the PAC strategy is to call SetTimeZoneConfiguration command inside the strategy. You could search your strategy to see if that is being called anywhere.