Load capacity for Energy Monitor Unit

Good day I want to monitor 2 rooftop package air conditioner units with a maximum current of 52.3 amperes and 220 volts three phase, I need to know if I can measure the energy data with the groov rio monitoring unit and if it’s possible the unit are include the current transformers to measure the current and the voltage cables to connect to voltage or I have to buy them separately

Each unit draws 52.3 amperes

This is a perfect use case for the RIO EMU.

Since every installation is different and different states and countries have different electrical codes that need to be adhered to, there are no pre-made cables. Your electrician will be able to install the RIO to code when the time comes.

Opto sells a small range of CT (current transformers).

I suspect that you would be looking at the 100 amp CT. Opto22 - OPTOEMU-ACT-0750-100 - Current Transformer, Split Core, 100 A, 0.333 VAC, 0.75 inch (1.91 cm) Inner Diameter

You can download the EMU user guide and get some guidance on the installation.

If you have any questions, drop back and ask away.

Hello Beno thank you very much for the information