Link in email to open groov View mobile app

Hello All,

This may be more of a feature request than an issue but here goes…

I have an app where I am generating notifications that are being delivered via email. Most of the users who receive these emails have groov View mobile app installed on their phones. I notice from using the Amazon app (and other apps as well) that when I get an email from Amazon that has links, clicking on the links open the Amazon app. Playing around with it I realize that this functionality is based on a redirection of some sort on the Amazon website.

Is there a way that this sort of functionality could be implemented in groov View so that my users have an easy way of launching the groov View mobile app from a link in an notification email?


That’s probably not something we can do. Amazon can pull it off because they know ahead of time every hostname that should open up in an Amazon app: they can build them in and register them with the phone’s OS. We can’t do that with customer URLs. :-/