LCM4 Network Traffic

Does anyone know what kind of network traffic goes to and from a LCM4 controller.

We are trying to troubleshoot an issue with some of these controllers resetting at the same time every week, and we believe is something coming from the corporate network. The LCM4 communicates with the network via a M4SENET-100 card.

Thank you

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Hi diobando1,

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If you’re having trouble setting up a packet sniffer (usually requires a hub), there’s this trick I’ve used in the past, which I think could work for you, especially since it’s the same time every week!
It’s essentially a little fake-out. Like this:

  1. Take the controller off the network (e.g. unplug) OR give it a different IP address.
  2. Put a PC on the same network with a fixed IP Address (the one that the controller had been using).
  3. Run Wireshark & wait for the traffic to come in.

Have you contacted our support team about this? (Best via email: They’ve helped lots of customers w/Wireshark, etc. The fact that you’re seeing reboots also makes me think you should talk to support.


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