Launching groov from an email?

Is there a “simple” method of launching the groov app (prefer IOS) from an email? I know I can include the URL that uses the app format, but would prefer to have the link start the app. Any ideas?

Just need a little more clarification here…

Do you mean open to a specific page? If so, yes, just include the full URL with the /#xx where xx is the page number.
Do you mean the link in the email opens Safari or groov View for iOS?
This question is little more involved. Firstly, I am not an iOS guy (Android fan boy), so am going off others experience in the Opto building… The URL in the email will launch Safari and you can log into groov and be viewing the page in very little time/effort.
I believe that you some some sort of pull down / menu thing where you can instruct iOS to open the link in a specific app?

Any Apple groov users want to chime in?

At present, no way to pull this off.

Launching directly into an app on iOS requires that the app register a custom URL scheme and we don’t support it at the moment.

Thanks Jonathan and Ben. I look forward it been available in some future release :slight_smile: