Latching inputs on RIO

Would it be possible to add the latching feature to the other channels on a RIO in a future firmware? I don’t need high speed, but would like to be able to detect a button press on a RIO from a PR1 without having to poll at a high rate. Unfortunately I need more than two of these.

Let me ask… I mean you never know your luck right…?

Okay, but what do the firmware/software guys say? :wink:

I don’t think creating a “latch” in software will require any additional hardware - if the on-board processor can read the digital input (which of course it can), then there is nothing else that should needed (okay -it would also need a small amount of memory and the will-power to get it done). It may not be as fast as a hardware solution like on channel 0 and 1, but it would be fast enough for a lot of applications.