LabVIEW: PCIe-451 & B4 Brain

Hello. I am new to OPTO22 and need any last minute advice before I start a project. We had an IBM PS2 computer fail (40 years old?) last week and is not repairable for several reasons. I have been asked to get the manufacturing process going again so I bought a PCIe-451 card to interface with our B4 brain boards.

I have the SDK that is downloadable from this website and will install it tomorrow on the new computer. But, if anyone has any LabVIEW example code that can help launch my efforts, that would be great. I see the SDK comes with some *.dll’s so if there isn’t anything I can possibly start with that. The system, it seems, is only controlling an interlock it appears. So, I am thinking the programming will be fairly straight forward. But, example code will help with the addressing, initialization, sample commands, and shutdown routines.

FYI, I have read the other posts in regards to LabVIEW. The reason for the new post is because those posts are using different protocols (ethernet, RS485, etc.). This system is using PAMUX. I have also searched the NI Forums and haven’t found anything related to PAMUX or PCIe-451.

Thanks in advance.