Known issues in groov View R3.5

Hey all, just wanted to let folks know about issues that’ve been reported and confirmed in groov View R3.5.

  1. The groov Data Store Node-RED nodes aren’t working. There was an accidental change to some JSON that groov View spits out and it confuses the nodes. We’re working on getting an emergency R3.5b release covering this out in the next day or so. KB87269

  2. The event scanner can crash if you run groov View with no events configured. This is mostly an issue for brand new projects, but it’s easy to work around. Just configure at least one event and restart groov View. This fix won’t be in the R3.5b release: the release is already cooking and we came across this too late.

  • KB articles for these are pending, btw. I’ll link them in when they’re up.
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groov View R3.5b is out, addressing number 1 above. You can grab it at

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I’ve had a few people ask product support about this line in the logs:

2018-03-20T11:45:53+11:00 first value timeout called INFO - com.allen_sauer.gwt.log.client.Log

It’s harmless, just some debug logging I forgot to remove before shipping.

There’s a timer that fires off 10 seconds after a page load to tell the gadgets to check and see whether they’ve received a value from the server yet. If they haven’t, they put up a yellow triangle to let you know. That log line is just the gadgets acknowledging that they got the message.