Kepserver for Groov

Hi All
Does anyone know if the Kepserver Enterprise package bundled with the Rockwell Factory Talk suite will be compatible with groov?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, Since there are no replies, and I made a few phone calls, I will attempt to answer my own question, and anyone can feel free to correct me.
It seems that while it may be possible that the Rockwell Kepserver product would work, a few things should be kept in mind.
1.) Rockwell Kepserver is published/produced by Rockwell and supported only by them. As such, they will not be necessarily inclined to help support a GROOV issue.
2.) Since it is a Rockwell product and not an Optp22 recommended product, it may stop working at anytime(rev upgrade release, etc.) and Rockwell would be under no obligation to fix it.
3.) The Rockwell version is apparently several releases behind Kepware in Bug patches and improvements.