Jetty Version on groov AR1

What version of Jetty is on the current AR1 (groov Box) release?

I have a customer with a NodeRed application running on an AR1 . Their IT department has run a security scan and it says the Jetty version 6.1.24 should be updated. A quick search on Jetty Versions shows version 6’s status as ‘antique’, and more current versions are 9, 10, 11, 12.

The AR1 posts messages on port 443 to a Cloud application so it has some exposure to the internet.
Do you think an update to the AR1 is necessary?

The AR1 is now obsolete, there are no further firmware updates planed.
If you want to try and do something via Shell, you are of course welcome to try.

The best option would be to swap out the AR1 for a chassis zero PR1.
The next firmware update (no ETA, but its months not quarters away) for the PR1/2 is a big version update of all software/libraries across the board.

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Do you know what version of Jetty is running on the current release of the PR1? Still 6.1.24?

This is what I get back on a current release PR1:

 jetty.version = 9.4.51.v20230217
 jetty.tag.version = jetty-9.4.51.v20230217 = b45c405e4544384de066f814ed42ae3dceacdd49
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