Javascript, css, Pac-Display 10.2d cache issues

Hi there,

I was making updates to an html page in PAC-Display 10.2d and noticed that my changes were not taking. I was using Edge to view them while I made changes, so I accessed the page directly in Chrome and it worked correctly. I cleared the cache anyway to no avail.

After a prolonged bit of searching I found a PAC-Display/Chrome cache located at "C:\ProgramData\Opto 22\PAC Project\PAC Display\Runtime\Pro\ChromeCache\Cache\ "

I deleted the files in this directory and all was well with the world once more.

I then checked a system running PAC-Display 10.2a and this directory did not exist.

Is this a new thing? Is there a way to turn off the cache if I wanted to?



Not entirely sure I follow your development process, but can confirm that there is no method or setting to clear / change the cache in PAC Display.

You could look at using a cron job to clear the cache?

Hey Beno

Thanks for the response.

I develop the pages in visual studio on my pc and edge is my default browser. Everything worked great while I was developing, but my changes weren’t reflected when I copied the code to the location PacDisplay was pointed to.

I then pointed chrome to that location and cleared the cache to no avail.

I finally found the opto cache area and manually deleted it. I was just hoping I could set something in PAC Display to clear the cache on startup or something.

Also, do you know if "C:\ProgramData\Opto 22\PAC Project\PAC Display\Runtime\Pro\ChromeCache\Cache\ " is going to be the cache location for the foreseeable future?

Thanks again

Yes, that cache location is the default going forward.