J1939 with EPIC CCANI-2 module

I’m having some trouble getting J1939 messages in Codesys using EPIC. I know it isn’t officially supported but I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I started out with greichert’s sample project and am now injecting two signals, RPM and Coolant Temp which is being read ok with a murphy PV101 on the same bus but I don’t get anything on the EPIC. Codesys shows the CANBUS reading the telegrams but no values. I’ve searched thru the Codesys forums and web for a solution and can’t find anything about it.

I’m assuming I would see the values here but maybe I’m wrong so I assigned a variable to it to show it in the PLC-PRG but still shows 0.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I would take a look here, at the updated Codesys Help site for help with general assignment and configuration.

They also have specific help on diagnostics.

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Thanks greichert, I have gone thru those. After doing some testing yesterday I’ve found that Codesys doesn’t seem to be claiming an address on the network. I’ve changed the address to different values in J1939_ECU but as you can see above in the screenshots the address remains at 254. Seems to be some disconnect between the J1939 ECU and the Canbus driver. It seems the hardware is working ok though since the Canbus driver is seeing the messages come in, the Rx counter is going up. The driver logs show the J1939 driver claiming an address but when I do a network scan it’s not there. I’ll try posting on the Codesys forum and see if anyone has any ideas.