Issure of Groove Logging

Dear frnds

  here i am not able to re login in Groov account once logged out, can you please help me to come out this, here i am attaching screen shot of message for your information...

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Did you refresh the browser? (F5?) Are you running the groov Server for Windows free trial? (If so, you many need to stop/re-start it.)

Also remember that tech support is FREE! Best to email them:

Thank u very much for your response…
Yes I refresh the browser and also restarted the groov, then also it is not working, i have observed that already logged Systems(PC’s) are able to use the groov, if once logged out from Groov that running PC then it will not taking the login of user, same message is appearing (print screen Image)…

Looks like you might be hitting [U][B]this issue[/B][/U]. Perhaps the groov Server PC or groov Box and the PC you’re having trouble are in different time zones? Did you recently change the time on one?

I am trying this same on many pc’s all are same issue. we are done the factory reset also but issue is same

after restoring groov box, by using groov find tool utility i am able to detect the groov, but we are not able to configure it, here i am attaching the screen shots link for you information…

looks like you’ve got yr server listening on port 10000 (cant zoom in any further without pixelating…). so your browser should be pointing to to hit your server. https by default is 443 but you are not using the default if your images are correct. try the link above and see if you have any success.
hope this helps.

Thank you very much,now its working ( am able to view the login window but it is not taking my admin username and passwords, i have done the complete factory restore, is there any way to configure the groov box again…for your information here i am giving the screen shot in below link…kindly help me to come out this…

Mary you need new glasses :slight_smile: Well spotted Nick:o

Shame on you Mary for thinking that the customer had turned his groov internal clock back!:D:D:D

Seriously, and on a related issue, I have noticed that the time server sync does not appear to work properly, or at least in the Groov-AT1 hardware administration. We are using the recommended configuration of: and Synchronise once a day

But it doesnt appear to do anything and drifts a few minutes every month. I know that “Spain Is Different”, but I’m wondering if the fact we are outside the US, is affecting the time sync or is this feature that is not working properly.

It is important to remember that port 10000 usually points you to the Groov Admin interface page. Port 443 points you to the Ap. It can be common to have different passwords set up for both. That might be why the username and passwords are not working.