Issues with Numeric Tables and PAC Display

I have an issue using the numeric tables in PAC Control Pro. and how those values are received and shown on the PAC Display. I am currently running PAC Control v9.3 and as for my control engine, I am using PAC Sim.

My main issue is when I set a value of a variable in PAC Display, that value is changed for a quick second and goes back to the original value.

I have played around with the visibility/blink feature but that just shows the original value blinking or visible or invisible.

Example :

Original Value = 350 and the variable associated with this is T[0] New Value = 400 and the variable associated with this is T[1]

when I change the value from 350 to 400, I can see the value change to 400 for a split second before changing back to 350. If I play around with the visibility at slow blink, the value of 350 blinks slowly.

Can someone please help me with this issue ?

Hello innotech01,

Sounds like you have a couple of different topics here. The visibility/blink feature is fun but I’m guessing not related to what’s happening with your numeric table.

Often when someone has a problem like this, it turns out to be a chart running in the control engine changing values in the background. To rule out some logic issue, I’d go into PAC Control’s debugger and STOP the strategy from running. Then when you change those values in PAC Display, I’d expect them to stay changed.

If that’s the case, I’d take a look at what your strategy is doing. Perhaps your initialization code (where everything gets set to 350, perhaps?) is called in a loop, and should be called once before you start looping?

Obviously I’m guessing here and could be completely off-base, if so, could you share your strategy & PAC Display project here?



Thank you very much. I was thinking this as well. Let me try it and I’ll get back to you. My next post will include the pic of the strategies and display as well.


I ran the PAC Control Pro on debug mode(with PAC Sim as my control engine) and when I changed the values manually, everything seemed to change fine. So my guess would be on the PAC Display side.

As per your suggestion with the loop, when I took the loop out, I couldn’t even write the value for the second, third or forth input cause the loop works as a counter and every time the strategy runs through that loop, it increases the counter by one, which on the display side allows the user ( me ) change the parameter.

Hi Optomary,

I fixed the issue, there was another loop in a different chart, which reset the value.
Thanks for the help!

This kind of issue is not too uncommon. For others who might encounter a similar problem, the “Find” dialog available from the edit menu (or by pressing Ctrl+F) is great. You can see in the screenshot included how easy it is to see all of the places a variable’s value is changed. There are many other ways the Find function can help with debugging… if you haven’t used it before, check it out.

Good point!

Also, from in the strategy tree, you can right-click on any variable (or I/O Unit or Point, etc.) and do a find that way…