Issue in Opto 22 Groov EPIC PR2

We are facing critical issues in our current setup involving OPTO 22 GROOV EPIC PR2 PLC and the Ignition Full V8.17 system.

Our system configuration includes-

  1. OPTO 22 PLC: First Ethernet port- Serum Corporate IP & Second Ethernet port- Local IP of Siemens PLC network.

  2. Implemented Data store-and-forward within the OPTO 22 PLC.

  3. Established communication between Ignition and 6 nos of Siemens PLCs using OPC devices within the OPTO 22.

  4. Integration of 6 databases communication with SQL 2019 in the Ignition system.

Following issues occurred frequently in both Ignition and the OPTO 22 PLC-

  1. Inconsistencies in database communication, where data from one PLC occasionally fails to lock into SQL.

  2. Intermeditely all PLC data is locked into SQL, yet updates to tags from one PLC fail to reflect in Ignition Designer.

  3. Difficulty in pinpointing the root cause of these issues within the Ignition or OPTO 22 PLC systems.

Please note-

  1. Many time value was stuct in Ignition but after power restart problem was resolved. So, also problem in Opto 22 Groov EPIC PR2
    2.This system is installed for our most critical application & due to frequent failures, we have faced Data loss & impacting our 24x7 operation.

I request your immediate attention to this matter.