Is there the option in groov View to log to a trend based on an event instead of at regular time intervals?

Thank you for all the help so far, I will circle back to my last topic I posted next week LOL. I have really enjoyed setting up my groov Epic so far and it’s been pretty seamless.

Anyway, is this an option in Groov view? It doesn’t seem like it is with the Trend gadget on its own, but I was wondering if there is a way to install additional gadgets.

Not sure I follow your question about your topics from last week and installing extra gadgets with the trend gadget…

If you can break down what you posted last week, we can take a look at that one.

The trend gadget is able to be be added to any page with any of the other gadgets.
There are 23 gadgets in total. All of them can be installed on the same page.
You can see almost that in the project under the kitchen sink category.

Sorry for the confusion. I see the Trend gadget, but I only see the option to update the trend over a time interval. I am wondering if there is an option to update the trend based on an event (such as the status of a tag going high or low), instead of updating the trend every every X seconds.

If that is not an option with the Trend gadget, is there another gadget I could use?