Is there any way to dial a telephone number in groov?

I have multiple oil wells, and display a number of emergency phone numbers for each locations page based on the city responsible for the location (City, County, Fire, EPA, etc). My customer is asking if the phone number can be a hot link on the iPhone/Android app.

I.e., tap the phone number or text string and have Groov pass the number to the phone, rather than having to cut and paste the number. Some apps recognize a number as being telephone number, and allow you to dial the number from a pop up.

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Great idea. groov Feature Request ticket submitted!

In the mean time, a possible workaround is to create an event that sends an email or text message to the person that needs the phone number. The event has a custom message with the phone number in it.
The event could be triggered by a simple button in groov.
Once the person gets the event, they can just click the number. Android and iOS know how to handle that from their email or message apps.

Thanks Ben,

There is suppose to be a way to do it from a web page, which I try tried testing when a get home.



Hi Marty.

Unfortunately, standard tel: links won’t work at the moment (I just checked) due to a quirk in how we implement links in groov. Filing this as a bug though: there’s no reason we should be restricting that.

Thanks Jonathan,

It’s more of a nice to have for the field people, besides they probably all the emergency numbers on speed dial.