Is there a method for automatic logon to groov?

Can I auto-login to groov like basic authentication?

Or Can I log in automatically using the API KEY of the groov account?


Hi, Minoru.
I’m pretty sure that auto-login won’t work, and it might be because auto-login is deprecated in RFC 3986 of the URI standard (Section 7.5 Sensitive Information).
Maybe someone else can think of a different solution that will work for you.

Wouldn’t work anyway: we don’t support HTTP Basic authentication. Session based cookie authentication only for the user interface, sorry.

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Are there any plans for adding support for other authentication methods? E.g. SAML?

Not at present, no. Most groov installations seem to be largely disconnected from the internet at large, so federated stuff like SAML and even LDAP hasn’t been requested all that often.