Is PAC control needed when using the EPIC?

As the title states, do I need to use PAC control to build strategies for I/O connected to the EPIC? If I am just pulling data from sensors and recording it is it necessary to have a strategy or is it only necessary if I am trying to control an output?

If I am just trying to port data from the epic to a MQTT server for use in Ignition is Node-Red sufficient, or would it be better to load everything to a PAC strategy?

Hello. You do NOT need to run a PAC Control Strategy to simply publish MQTT values directly from I/O in EPIC to an MQTT Broker. You can simply enable “Public Access” to each I/O point that you want published over MQTT.

Then, you can use the built-in MQTT client in EPIC to select the broker you want to publish data to (it could be the MQTT Distributor Module in Ignition, which is the MQTT broker Ignition uses).

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I appreciate the quick response. Thank you!